NQF-wise recruitment webinar series - Session 1: Engaging with qualifications

On 29 October 2020, SAQA hosted the first session of the NQF-wise Recruitment Webinar series. The aim of the webinar was to assist recruiters and employers in using the NQF in their recruitment and appointment processes.

The two presenters, Ms Faith Nyaka (SAQA Director: Registration and Recognition) and Dr Heidi Bolton (SAQA Director: Research) spoke about the NQF and its history as well as the NQF levels. They also talked about learning pathways and recognition of prior learning and what these have to do with recruitment and appointment.

They also talked about the differences between an 8-level NQF and a 10-level NQF and how these should be taken into account in recruitment and appointment processes.

Below is the presentation that Ms Nyaka and Dr Bolton made together with the link to the webinar.

Presentation: Session 1: Engage meaningfully with qualifications

Webinar recording: Session 1: Engage meaningfully with qualifications 

Password to the  webinar recording: hTnFMJD3


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